About Purposit

Have you ever…

…. thought about all the great life experiences you want your children to have or enjoy?

…. worried about how to fund important milestones in your kid’s life like school, travelling or university?

…. looked at your child’s room and said to yourself “what a shame to see so many toys and things that are not being used or played with”?

…. wished there was a way of telling your friends what to give your child for birthdays or Christmas?

As a Sydney-based couple with 2 young kids, we asked ourselves those same questions, which sparked the idea of Purposit™ - an app and website designed for parents to fund gifts for their children with a little help from friends.

Purposit™ allows parents to channel the money that well-intentioned friends and relatives usually spend on a birthday or Xmas present towards the gifts that their child really wants or needs.

A gift can be anything parents believe will be useful and meaningful for their kid- from material items such as bicycle, skateboard or trampoline, to activities like swimming lessons or ballet classes; from experiences like camping, travelling or Zoo passes to education such as school or university funds. It can also be a charitable gift so you and your child can help other kids and families in need.

On Purposit™, parents (or caretakers) are in charge - choosing gifts, creating events, inviting friends to contribute and sharing fun photos. Only those friends who are invited by the parents to an event (e.g. birthday) can see the child’s profile.

Friends and relatives can conveniently contribute from their phones, tablets or computers from anywhere in the world and have the satisfaction of knowing that their hard earned money is going towards a gift that is truly wanted.

Contributors can see the progress a child is making towards completion of a gift, comment on photos posted on the child’s page and exchange messages with the parents. Friends will feel like they are part of the journey; not only funding or buying a gift but also having a positive impact on the child’s life.

The app incorporates best-in-class security and data encryption systems so users know that their personal and financial information are safely stored and protected.

And that’s it! Parents, children and friends can all benefit from Purposit™. And so can our environment. By reducing waste from unnecessary toys, we will all be making a small yet important contribution towards preserving our environment and our children’s future.

I hope you find Purposit™ to be a helpful tool on your quest to make your child’s gift wishes come true.


Johanna Kollmann

Co-Founder & Mum