Frequently Asked Questions

Starting on Purposit

Who should use Purposit?

Purposit was designed by parents with the simple goal of helping mums, dads and primary caretakers to fund inspirational, meaningful gifts for their children. The platform caters for every parent regardless of financial status, beliefs and the age of their children.

What is expected from me as a parent (or primary caretaker)?

Purposit is about trust and transparency. By using the system, the parent agrees to only use the funds for the specific gift they were raised for.

A parent is expected to be over 18 years of age. If not, you require approval from your own parents. For non-primary caretakers, you are required to have written approval from the actual parents to create a profile and manage an account for their child(ren).

Who is not allowed to use Purposit?

Purposit was designed exclusively for parents (or primary caretakers) to create and raise money for gifts for their child(ren) in a responsible and trustworthy manner. Parents are not allowed to use the funds for their own self-interest or to engage in illegal or fraudulent activities using the platform.

Children (under 18 years old) are not allowed to create profiles, events and gifts. While we encourage parents to show to their child(ren) their profiles etc, the responsibility of managing the accounts should be handled solely by the parents.

If you are not the parent or primary caretaker for a child, then you are not allowed to create profiles for a child. You can contribute towards gifts but the child’s profile has to be created by the person legally responsible for his/her welfare.

Is a child allowed to create his or her own profile?

Unfortunately not. Purposit was designed for parents to make important decisions towards raising funds for gifts that will help shape their kids’ future. We consider the parent to be the appropriate person to handle these affairs especially during the younger years of a child.

Do all users need to sign up to use the platform?

Yes, and the sign up process – as well as the download of the app – are both free for all users. Purposit aims to help fund amazing gifts for a given child while making the experience private and personal for all parties involved. The privacy of each child is very important for us and, for this reason, a child’s profile is only visible to those friends who were invited to contribute to a gift by the parent. Consequently, friends need to set up an account so they can see the child’s profile and contribute. The process is quick and once you are set, you are ready to follow - and be part of - that child’s journey.

Are the app and web versions of Purposit the same?

Yes, both the app version – available on the Apple Store for Iphone users – and the web version offer pretty much the same functionality and features with minor adjustments due to different technical environments. For the best user experience, we recommend users of the web version to use Chrome, Safari or Firefox and have their browsers in public mode.

What could cause the Purposit website to not work properly on my device?

We have extensively tested the application across a large number of devices, browsers and operating systems so users can enjoy Purposit everywhere. However, there are certain instances where functionality may be affected.

If you ever encounter any issues logging in or using the website, please make sure that: (1) your browser settings allow cookies; (2) you are not using the private/incognito mode on your browser - Safari, Firefox or Chrome; and (3) you are using the latest version of your device’s operating system (eg. IOS or Android).

Also, feel free to contact us and we will be thrilled to help you.

Do I need to have cookies enabled on my phone or computer?

Purposit uses cookies on its web application to provide you with a better, seamless user experience. We use different cookies. Some facilitate the completion of application functions while others help the website remember your information and settings when you visit it in the future. Most websites – including online banking web pages – use different types of cookies.

If your browser has been set up to disable or block cookies, some functions may be affected. To have the best Purposit experience, we recommend you to have your browser settings to enable cookies (via your browser privacy settings).

Creating and Managing Gifts & Events

What is a gift?

Our mantra is ‘gifting with purpose’. At Purposit, a gift is something which you believe will offer your child(ren) memorable experiences and opportunities to have a fulfilling, exciting life. It can be anything from a university fund to musical lessons, from a bike to an international trip – the gifts that you truly believe will help your child and which you would like to raise money towards from friends and family. For every gift you will set a monetary value, which reflects the cost for that gift to be realised (eg. purchased or paid for).

How long will these gifts remain ‘live’ in the system for?

For as long as you want or need it to. Purposit allows the organisers (parents) to set gifts with different time horizons. Some gifts will be long-term dated such as university tuitions or an exchange programme and will remain ‘open’ in the platform for years, if that’s what the parents want or need. Other gifts will be more short-term focused, such as a surfboard, a scooter or a bicycle. That gives the parent flexibility to balance the short-term needs of their children with the raising of funds for long-term goals.

The gifts only ‘close’ when either the full amount is reached or when the organiser (parent) decides to ‘fund gift to 100%’ (eg. chip in to get it to 100%). The gifts do not ‘expire’ with the events you create (eg. birthday, Christmas, graduation) so you can keep raising money for a gift for as long as needed (and select the same gift for multiple events over time if you want).

Are the contributions made by friends subject to getting the gift 100% funded?

No. Once payments are processed by our payment gateway provider Stripe, the contributions are paid directly to the bank account specified by the relevant organiser (parent), less any fees payable to Purposit and Stripe, irrespective of whether the targeted amount has been reached or not.

Can I cancel or delete a gift?

If no contribution has been made towards a gift you created, then you can delete that gift. Once a contribution has been made towards a particular gift, you can no longer delete it. You can still edit it (as circumstances change) and fund it to 100%. But the gift will remain in the system permanently for your contributor’s future reference.

What does ‘fund gift to 100%’ mean?

So time has come for the money to be used for a particular gift (say John is turning 15 when he is expected to go on his first international trip) but the amount raised for this gift has not reached 100% yet. In that case, the organiser (parent) can click on ‘fund gift to 100%’. That means that the parent commits to chip in and use his/her own money to fill the gap and get the gift fully funded. The parent will not be charged in the system (eg. no fees are paid by the parent), but he/she is expected to honour this commitment and provide the money to purchase/pay for that gift.

When the parent clicks on ‘fund gift to 100%’, he/she can send a thank you card to everyone who contributed to that gift. High fives all around!

Does the platform accept contributions for a gift after the gift is 100% funded?

No, once a gift is fully funded, a contributor can no longer contribute to it. But the contributor can go on the child’s profile page, look at other unfunded gifts that the parent may have selected for that child and contribute to one or more of them.

How many gifts should I choose for my child?

We recommend the parent or caretaker to think thoroughly about the things that they believe will matter the most to their child(ren) throughout their young lives as well as into their adult years. We suggest selecting 2-3 long-term gifts and 1-2 short-term wishes.

Of course, you can choose as many gifts as you want, but remember - the more gifts you have selected, the longer it may take for these gifts to be fully funded.

Also keep in mind that you (parent) do not have to include all gifts you created in every event (eg. birthday). You can select the gifts that may be more appropriate for that event and the audience/friends you are targeting.

Is there a limit to the value of a given gift?

No. The value is your best estimation of the actual cost to purchase or pay for the gift. It can be anything from a few bucks to several thousand dollars. As you would expect, the higher the dollar value of a gift, the longer it will take to actually raise funds. So the sooner you start, the higher chances of getting it to 100%.

For more costly gifts, we encourage the parent/organiser to break the cost into ‘smaller gifts’ if possible. That makes contributions from friends look more relevant (as the % progress bar moves up faster) and also makes the gift more easily achievable. For example, a university fund focused on paying for the first year of tuition fees (e.g. Uni Fund - Year 1) will move towards 100% of funding much faster than a ‘university fund’ gift aimed at paying for all fees during the entire duration of the course. If you get Uni Fund - Year 1 fully funded, then you can create a new gift called Uni Fund - Year 2.

What is an event?

An event is any occasion or celebration in your child’s life (or in your own life) when friends would typically give him or her gifts. It could be a birthday, baby shower, graduation, Xmas, etc. The events are essentially the triggers to invite friends and family to contribute towards the gifts you created for your child.

Parents can create events and then link some of their child’s pre-selected gifts to each event. So instead of having family and friends giving your child lots of smaller, unnecessary, duplicated or unwanted presents at one of these occasions, they will now know exactly what gifts you would really like them to contribute towards.

Depending on the gifts you selected (and their timeframe), the same gifts can be displayed in several events over time. The gifts do not ‘expire’ with the events so you can keep raising money for a gift for as long as needed.

Importantly, you can use different gifts for different events. Each time an event is created, you can select gifts from your existing list or you can create a new gift specifically for that event.

What is an event title?

An event title summarises the occasion in your child’s life that you want to celebrate or highlight to your friends. We encourage parents to keep their event titles short and always include the name of the child in the title. That will make it easier for your friends to know exactly what the event refers to when they receive their invitation by email or sms (app version for Iphones only).

A few examples of effective titles include: Lisa’s 4th birthday, Jack’s Xmas 17, Marie’s graduation bash and Daniel’s baby shower. Feel free to create whatever you want, but always keep in mind your friends who will be receiving the invitation.

What is an event invite?

An event invite is the field where you write your invitation for the occasion or event you are creating for your child. This is also where you tell your friends about the gifts you have selected and ask them to contribute towards these gifts.

We have included a few examples of invites on the ‘CREATE EVENT’ page in case you need some inspiration or guidance. The more engaging and personal the invite you write, the greater the chances that your friends will join the event and contribute. To make it even more personal, don’t forget to add a picture to your event to make it unique and memorable.

What is an event code?

An event code is the numerical code that appears on every invitation sent by email or sms. For most browsers and devices, the event code will automatically upload on Purposit’s log in page when a person clicks on the invitation link. In the rare case that this may not happen, you can just enter the event code on the designated field (log in page) and that will take you to the child’s invitation page.

Is an event only related to the child?

Not necessarily. It can be an annual celebration like Xmas or it can be an occasion related to the parents themselves. For example, Lisa’s father John is turning 40 but, instead of getting gifts for himself, he may want to use Purposit and invite friends to contribute to gifts for his daughter (Lisa). He just needs to go to Lisa’s profile and create an event there – he could even have a fun event title saying “John & Lisa’s 40th birthday?“.

How many gifts should a parent add to an event?

You can add as many gifts as you like, but the more gifts you include, the longer it will take for any of these gifts to get fully funded.

Instead of giving your friends/contributors too many options, we suggest having 2-3 gifts per event. That way, it is very clear to your invitees (and potential contributors) that you have selected the gifts that matter the most to your child.

How many people should I invite to events?

You can invite as many as you want. We suggest you invite the same number of people (close friends and family) you’d typically invite for say a birthday party or Xmas event. Keep it private and restricted to those people who would usually give your child a gift on any event, which could typically vary from 5 to 20 people. We strongly discourage inviting all your social media friends as they would have access to your children’s profile – instead, focus on the real friends and the relatives with whom you have a close bond and genuinely care about your kids. And don’t forget to invite grandma living overseas! She will certainly love to be part of that.

How many times can I send the same invite to friends?

As long as the event has not passed, you can send the invite to friends as many times as you want. If you are using the app version for Iphones, you can even send the invites individually with a more personalised message if you want. If can also track who you have invited by checking your mailbox (SENT items folder). The app version also offers the option of sending invites via sms as well as email.

Note that if you are using the website, there is a limit of 750 characters on the email invitation field, which should allow you to enter 25-30 emails. If you need to invite more friends or enter more emails, you can always do that by clicking on the banner INVITE FRIENDS on the EVENT DETAILS page.

Can I have multiple events running at the same time?

Absolutely! You can create as many events as you like and you can also have multiple events running at the same time. Here is an example:

Mark’s 8th birthday is coming soon. Mark’s mum wants to invite his classmates for a cake celebration at school. She also wants to have a small gathering of family and friends at their home. Mark’s mum can simply (1) create one birthday event for school - and send the invite to the parents of her son’s classmates -, and (2) create another event inviting family and friends to come to Mark’s party at their home.

Importantly, those who are invited to the first event (school celebration) cannot see the details of the second event (home party), unless they were invited to both events. This way, a parent can tailor the event to a specific audience.

Can a friend make a contribution to a gift outside an event?

Sure thing! Any friend who is connected to your child (eg. he or she was invited to an event before) can always go to the child’s profile page, click on ‘gifts’ and not only see how the child is progressing towards the funding of each gift, but also contribute towards any of the existing gifts at any time.

Can friends and family overseas contribute?

Yes. Our secure payment system - provided and managed by Stripe - caters for international credit cards so relatives and close friends living abroad can contribute. The fact that they can also see photos and post comments on events helps them feel like they are still in the loop and are part of your child(ren)’s development, despite the distance.

Can parents upload photos of events?

Sure! In fact, we encourage parents to add photos to events. The more personalised and interesting you make your child’s page, the more appealing it will be to your friends and family. Your friends can see these photos and also make comments on them. That helps create small, private social networks around your child comprised only of those people who truly care for him/her (and care enough to contribute towards their gifts).

Can I as a parent send thank you cards to my contributors?

Yes. Purposit was designed with the goal of making the experience between parent/child and contributor as personal as possible.

Once a contribution towards a gift is made, the parent will receive a notification of the contribution and will be prompted to send a personalised thank you card to the contributor. The parent can add photos and messages to make it more personal and meaningful for the contributor.

When a gift reaches 100% of funding, the parent also receives a notification and has the ability to send a thank you card to everyone who contributed to that gift over time.

What is the difference between friends and contributors?

For events, we display friends and contributors in separate tabs. ‘Friends’ refer to everyone you invited to an event, who also clicked on the invite link (email or sms) and saw the invitation online. ‘Contributors’ are those friends who have made contributions to gifts related to that event.

Who can see the profile of my child(ren)?

The parent is fully in control here and decides who can see the profile of each child. Only those friends and family members who are invited by the parent to events can see the profile of the child. Purposit does not allow anyone to invite him/herself to ‘connect with someone else’s child’. Instead, the parents are the ones controlling the process, keeping it private and avoiding overexposing their child(en).

Why is the child photo compulsory?

Purposit is about creating a personal connection between a child, who will receive the gifts, and his or her contributors, who will help fund the gifts. Posting a photo of your child really enhances the experience for the friends who will be viewing the child’s profile and contributing to one or more gifts. The more the friends feel connected to the child, the more likely they are to contribute.

Remember, the profile of your child is private and, consequently, the child photo will only be visible to the friends who are invited by you for events relates to that child. If you still feel uncomfortable posting a photo of your child, we suggest you take a picture of something that reminds your friends of your child (e.g. a drawing the child made at school).

What information can friends see on my child’s profile?

Friends can see all the gifts you created for your child and how funding of each one of these gifts is progressing. Note that your friends cannot see the actual costs of the gifts or how much money has been raised. Instead, they can see how much progress has been made in % terms for each gift (towards 100% funding) and can also see their own contributions to these gifts.

Once a friend is invited to an event, can that friend see all events and photos

No, a friend/contributor can only see the events he or she was invited to. The friend/contributor can only see the photos related to the event he or she was invited to. That provides the parent with the tools to tailor events to each audience and to control exactly what friends/contributors will be able to see on a child’s profile page.

Getting & Managing Contributions

Are my funds secure?

Purposit was designed to keep the personal and financial information of users the safest it can possibly be. Purposit engaged worldwide payment gateway provider Stripe, with its bank-grade security systems and its proprietary encryption software, to process all financial transactions and safely store the banking details of our users. Purposit’s platform also incorporates SSL certification and an encryption algorithm to provide further protection to users in regards to their personal information.

Where does the money contributed by friends go?

The money raised for each gift will be securely sent (via our payment gateway provider Stripe) to the bank account the parent nominated for that child’s gifts.

When does the parent receive the contributions in their designated account?

After a person makes a contribution for a given gift, the order will be processed and the money will typically become available on the parent’s designated bank account after 1-2 business days in Australia.

Do I need to be 18yo or over to add my bank account details and receive contribu

Yes, as per the guidelines of our payment gateway provider Stripe. If you were under 18yo, the best approach would be to ask one of your own parents or guardians to enter their bank account details and manage the contributions for you. Once you turn 18, you can replace their account details with yours.

What payment methods does Purposit accept?

Purposit accepts credit card payments from Visa, Master Card and American Express processed through our payment gateway provider Stripe, Inc. Stripe is used worldwide and is well regarded for its secure way of sending money and managing financial information.

Are the contributions made by friends subject to getting the gift 100% funded?

No. Once the payments are processed, the contributions - less any fees payable to Purposit and Stripe - are paid directly to the bank account specified by the relevant organiser (parent), irrespective of whether the targeted amount for the gift has been reached or not.

Can I see and track how much money I’ve raised as a parent?

Absolutely. On the gifts tab under your child’s profile, you can see how much money has been raised for each gift and how far these gifts are from reaching 100%. You can also see who has contributed to each gift.

Can friends see how much money I’m raising?

The contributors can see how much progress has been made towards completing each gift in % terms. Instead of focusing on dollar amount, we think it’s important to make the experience about the contribution to the gift itself and the journey to get to 100% funding. For this reason, your friends cannot see the actual cost of the gift or gifts you created for any given child.

Can every contributor see how much money others are giving?

No. Every contributor will have different financial circumstances and their contributions will reflect that. We do not believe that creating peer pressure - by letting everyone see how much others are giving - is in the spirit of the platform. The only person who can see all contributions is the parent who is organising the event(s) and managing the gifts for the child(ren).

What fees do I pay as a parent?

None. Parents do not pay any fees for using the platform. Small fees apply only to contributors in relation to costs associated with the payment gateway and platform-related costs. Download of the app is also done free of charge.

What fees do I pay as a contributor?

Contributions incur a small fee of 2.9% plus 90c which help Purposit cover processing fees as well as costs related to management and maintenance of the platform. International cards may also be subject to foreign exchange fees. There is no subscription fee for users of the app or website.

Can I get a refund?

We strongly encourage users of the platform to only make contributions to parents they know and trust. If a contributor considers himself or herself entitled to a refund, we encourage the contributor to contact the organiser (parent) directly. If both parties cannot agree on a refund, please contact us and we will do our best to help. Please also be aware that the fees you may have paid with your contribution are non-refundable.